7th Blankensee Colloquium
Human Capital and Social Capital in Criminal Networks

7th Blankensee Colloquium

"Human Capital and Social Capital in Criminal Networks"

28 February - 2 March 2008 in Berlin, Germany

Organizer: Klaus von Lampe.

Advisory Board: Marcus Felson, Carlo Morselli.

Sponsor: Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Institute for Advanced Study).

Aim and Purpose: This international and interdisciplinary colloquium aims at promoting substantial advances in the study of organized crime through a critical assessment of the state-of-the-art of criminal network analysis. Issues that will be addressed include the general question of the validity of the network model, methodological issues of data collection, processing and interpretation, and potential extensions of the scope of network analysis to incorporate aspects of the social ecology and psychology of criminal networks.

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